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Organizor and gold sponsor EuroBSDcon

For the third year in a row are we co-organizers and also one of the major sponsors of EuroBSDcon 2013 in Malta, one of the three major BSD conferences in the world. If you're in to BSD you shouldn't miss it!
See you in Malta!

More about our our sponsorship and the conference.

From shared services to racks full of servers

Because the core Internet protocols are mostly developed on BSD system, BSD is traditionally a popular choice for ISP's and companies that are running large scale or high performance Internet solutions. There are still system administrators who tell you that it's better to reboot your system every once in a while to recover memory taken by applications and not returned to the system. BSD systems administrators know better. BSD systems, even heavily used ones, have been running for years without a single reboot without loss of performance or reliability.

With more than ten years of experience managing Internet servers for many companies, we are the ideal partner to take care of your hosted servers so you can concentrate on taking care of your core business.

  • Dedicated servers
  • Shared servers
  • Web hosting
  • Shell accounts

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